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Thank you showing that have absolutely no idea of Socialism is.

Pot, meet kettle. smile

At one time I was a member of the Socialist Worker's Party. When I was I read and still do read Socialist literature. When was the last time you read any of Lenin's writings? How about Engels? Do you know who Charles Fournier is? Do you know what Marx's list of 10 things that will help turn a country socialist? Here's a hint they are in The Communist Manifesto. I own a copy of it, do you?

And why would I own a copy of The Communist Manifesto?
I don't own a Che Guevara tee shirt either.
Are you red-baiting me again? You do that a lot.

Will Rogers is famous for having said, "I am not a member of any organized political party, I am a Democrat."

My oldest brother was briefly a member of the SWP (1969-1971) and as I remember it, the total membership of the party in the United States never went beyond a few thousand people. When he went to Linda Jenness' first fundraiser for her SWP POTUS candidacy, the entire multitude of supporters fit into a residential back yard in Greenbelt, Maryland. I know because he dragged me along to the BBQ.
It was her only fundraiser on the entire East Coast.

That means that it's not much different than being a member of a local ham radio club in your area.
Current membership in the Democratic Socialists of America stands at 56,000 people.
Hell, for that matter, membership in the CPUSA was maybe a few hundred thousand at its peak.
My point is, being a member of a tiny party for a little while forty or fifty years ago does not make one an expert on left leaning politics.

And that tiny Socialist Workers Party, or the DSA for that matter, does not exert an omnipotent or universal influence on leftist thought.
Did you know that the DSA dissed Bernie Sanders back in 2015 when he announced his candidacy?
Basically, the reaction amounted to something along the lines of:

"Yawn, what a sellout."

"Not a real socialist."

Sorry Senator Hatrack but I hate to disappoint you when I reveal that I don't peruse a weekly copy of "The Militant" while drinking my morning coffee.

Although after three or four days of being stridently red-baited by you, I succumbed to temptation this morning and lo and behold, the lead story in The Militant this morning is about a bunch of Kentucky coal miners who were denied their pay by a bankrupt coal company, and they are now blocking the only rail artery in or out of their town.

Seems their union, the United Mine Workers of America, withered away thanks to anti-union pressure and now these workers have no recourse, despite retired UMWA brothers showing up from other parts of the country to offer support.

“We had to step up. We were robbed. They didn’t use a gun, but they robbed us anyway,” Chris Lewis, one of the original six miners, told the Militant at the encampment Aug. 7. “We have to give a voice to coal miners. We aren’t asking for nothing we haven’t worked for,” he said.

Several retired UMWA members visited the protest July 30. “We’re UMWA members,” Stanley Sturgill, 74, and a 41-year member of the union, told the Mountain Eagle. “Those guys aren’t. There’s no UMWA in Kentucky anymore, but we’re all brothers.”

Hmmm, maybe a little bit of "socialist" union power might have helped these hard working men.
President Trump promised he would help them but I guess that was just another line in his reality TV show script.

And as a Director of Photography and film editor, I have to tell you about an old industry saying:

There is NO REALITY in reality TV.

And there is absolutely no link with reality in your perception of me or anybody on the left that I have ever associated with.

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