A challenge for you.

Capitalist or Socialist voters... by age. Nowhere can I find this analysis... based purely on age of the actual voter.

The reason I ask, is that I live in a CCRC along with about 350 others. The area is mostly farming oriented, Catholic, and older than the average Illinois average... 47 vs. 38.

The area is predominantly Republican. In my case (CCRC), almost all Republican... but with an average age of 83 or 84, and even though they vote... almost none of them have any idea of what is going on in politics... nationally or locally. Strongly Republican, but from habit, many years ago. Those who do watch any news, (very few), are solely attached to Fox.

As much as we are generally convinced that youth is liberally inclined, the question I have, is how many people, of what age bracket are more inclined to vote for a certain party? Turn that young liberal bias around and ask how many persons of a later age group would also be liberal.

So... looking for a chart that incorporates age and party preference. Am sure we all have assumptions, but seeing real numbers could make the the future predictions more visible.

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