I don't really trust polls anymore. Most are conducted by telephone using land lines. It's a model that just doesn't work anymore. Landlines are a thing of the past and are so plagued by scam calls that most don't even answer them if they do have them.

2016 polling showed Hillary to be a shoo in to the presidency. Old folks with landlines, desperate for someone to talk to, assured pollsters that she was gonna win in a landslide. Younger people blocked those calls then didn't get out and vote because Hillary was sure to win. That's what the polls said.

Its, you could probably make up a chart, based on good common sense and your own knowledge and wisdom, and come up with a pretty accurate picture of what's going on. Have a dozen diverse friends do the same. Average them and you have an accurate poll.

We, as a society, are becoming more liberal. Not quickly and certainly not without some jumps and starts. But each generation claws its way a bit to the left.

It's more about globalization than anything else. Some fight it but it's inevitable.

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