It is a fascinating subject. That we go bebopping through life with hardly any awareness about what is going on inside our own heads.

Am I "thinking" in words right now? Images? Emotions? Sensations?

I woke up this morning with a song playing in there - a pretty common thing for me. It's not the dominant "thought" but it is playing a continuous background loop. Been up for an hour and it's still going. Hall and Oates, "Private Eyes" (had to google it, my version of the lyrics was "cryin' eyes", and the song was never one that I sought out to listen to).

Whatever form our thoughts take, we are forced to convert them to words to discuss the content. I've long thought that words, and their compilation into tools like logic, are generally clumsy and largely inadequate for the task of communication. I expect that declaration to raise a few objections, especially as we of the Rant are partial to our words and probably above average in wielding them (just had an image of a swordfight)(Had a flash memory of floating the Salmon River)(Private eyes is still playing...)(Need to shave).

I was once a student of a "consciousness development" psycho/philosophy that averred people have seven minds, each with its own form of "thinking". The first four simpler minds and their focus are: instinctive mind - sustenance; moving mind - directed physical actions; emotional mind - feelings; intellectual mind - thoughts. They each have form of expression - bodily comfort, movement, passion, words. There is a difficulty here in that writing is necessarily dominated by the intellectual mind, so the other three are poorly represented because of interpretation.

The remaining three higher minds tend to be less well developed and are the aim of the consciousness development. Aspirational mind desires to evolve beyond the four basic minds; higher emotional mind expresses in artistic forms (combinations of the first four); higher intellectual mind expresses in symbols (complex networks of understood meanings).

The theory goes that we live most of our lives submerged in the first four minds, with little awareness of how mechanical everything for us is. The "voices" in our heads are the four minds jabbering away with no consciousness. The simple act of noticing the chatter (not judging or analyzing it) is the awakening of the "watcher", or higher consciousness. This is the Zen nothingness - the stopping of the internal haboob that obscures seeing.

"Then what?", you might ask...

I dunno.

"Private eyes" is starting to fade. Time to start perseverating over what I need to do today.

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