We need a complete revamp of the recyclable container industry. We have a large number of plastics we use for these containers and packaging. We need to outlaw those that are not recyclable and color code the remaining plastics. Recycling centers are closing because they can't make enough money to stay in business. We need to outlaw mixed packaging, where the recyclable components are difficult to separate. We also need to institute large fines for putting contaminated plastic in recycle bins. People actually put dirty diapers in them, and it screws up the sorting machine badly.

The recycle stream has to be easy to machine sort. There has to be real recycling on the other end of the sort facility, that really use the plastic to make other plastic items of the same color instead of shipping it to poor countries to be dumped or burned. Or there could be facilities that burn unrecyclable colors to completion to generate electricity.

We can make recycling work, it just costs more when you don't externalize. Turns out "externalization" comes right back and bites you in the ass. There really is no such thing. It's just littering on a global scale.