I honestly didn't know how to file this thought. Where doe you post up the sheer fraud of both wings of the corporate parties?
You could argue it belongs in a 'Democrats are no partie of opposition anymore.
Maybe, There all in on it ?
Dunno, but a picture's worth a thousand words...

How bad Democrats can suck

That guy behind Dem. Richard Neal is Rep. Tom Reed. A proud member of the 'Problem Solvers' caucus. A group that solves nothing but loves them some centrist norms and values.

Reed's family owns a medical debt collection agency run thru his family's law firm in upstate NY. He's a great example of disaster capitalism for his own constituents while going full MAGA. Imagine getting threatening collection calls from your state's Senator....

Why do I have a feeling that there's just as many skeletons in the tax return woodpiles of the centrists Democrats?

Hey, maybe I should have posted this up in 'Profit' healthcare thread? It cuts so many ways.

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