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I think Franken was taken out by Gillibrand? Another centrist Gen X Dem from upstate NY whos running for president for who knows why now. Not sure what your point was Jeff.

Gillibrand only? Solo effort? I don't theenk so.

She went unchallenged? Let's think about that for a moment.
How powerful is Kirsten Gillibrand?

She's a junior senator from New York who was appointed by a two year New York governor who bowed out of his own race after his fill-in for Elliot Spitzer expired.

The larger factor in the yawning chasm of silence was most definitely an overweening fealty to extreme fringe left political correctness run amuck, and Ms. Gillibrand isn't the Joan of Arc of ANYTHING, much less MeToo.

She's a Me Three, as in "Look at my attention seeking behavior!"

Nice try ignoring the over-excitable fringe.
It's almost as if you're throwing everyone in the Democratic Party under the bus all over again just so you can look iconoclastic enough to maintain your W.A.F. street cred.

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You know the Declaration of Independence starts with the words 'we hold these truths to be self-evident'. Self-evident. As in some things are such obvious, indisputable, no-brainers, that we start from that point. Assuming that we're all generally on the page that s*** is measurably, chemically different than Shinola.

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