Did the #MeToo movement come from the lunatic left?
Well I'll be Jeff. News to me...

I don't care much about Franken. My personal opinion is he should have fought harder and went without much of a fight.

But far left? Give me a hit of that!
Yu sound like Pelosi now. Yeah, I know Gillibrand and it was quite a leap she made on the dog pile crushing Franken but there were others. Which of the "overexcitable fringe" are you talking about. Who is this powerful left that smote your Al? Was it any of these:

"More than a year and a half on, the Vermont senator Patrick Leahy, former North Dakota senator Heidi Heitkamp, Illinois senator Tammy Duckworth, Maine senator Angus King, Oregon senator Jeff Merkley, former Florida senator Bill Nelson and New Mexico senator Tom Udall all told the New Yorker they have regrets about the way the allegations were handled."

Is that your idea of radical leftism Jeff? Or the women out in the streets with pussy hats? Are they the radical left? If it is we are truly effed.

Seriously, why are you so riled about a great photo of corruption? How arbitrary the lines are between both political factions? I thought it was lovely. How'd you get to Al Franken from that? Does a Daumier drawing make you see commies?

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