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So what benefits have you seen coming from liberalism over the last 40 years that we benefit from today?

Well put. Bow

As far as "what benefits I've seen coming from liberalism over the last forty years that we benefit from today"
, I can only say that, putting aside gay marriage and the legalization of weed, far less than the benefits I was lucky to receive the FIRST twenty-three years of my life, which would put me around 1980 or 81, when the whole thing began to be unwound and dismantled.

Those would be the benefits of the New Deal economy in which I was raised those first twenty-three years.

So it would be important to me to try to revive the best aspects of that era, revive a 21st century version of the New Deal, reshape capitalism once again as a tool that serves working families first, as it once did when I was growing up.

I think that either Bernie or Liz would be a valuable asset to help make that happen but of course it won't happen unless we also give them the kind of Congress that can cooperate. If we don't achieve that, we will witness a lot of noble aspirations, and a lot of obstruction to match.

If we DO achieve that, but we put one of those old retread establishment drones in, like Biden, we will see a lot of frustration but it might be survivable.

But I am interested in more than just surviving.

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