What I believe is that climate change has and does happen.

Well sure! We're only 10,000 years or so from an ice age. But there were reasons for them then too. A huge meteorite or massive volcanic eruptions, shite like that don't just happen out of the blue. This time around it's becoming pretty clear that the problem is too much CO2. Just coincidentally billions upon billions of people are creating huge amounts of CO2 and have been for centuries. Two and two have already been put together. Along and along, if you live long enough, that will become painfully clear.

Your reasons for denying it are mostly economic right? That it's too expensive to try to do anything about it so we shouldn't try?

You do understand that when Greenland has melted the seas will be 25 feet higher than they are today, right? And it's happening right before our eyes.

Exciting times these! Manhattan and Miami will be no more, New Orleans a memory. Orlando a Beach town! Wonder where them folks gonna go, will they be considered refugees? How they gonna be treated by the starving folks inland....

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