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There are parts of Miami and Manhattan that are just a few feet above sea level. A six foot rise would be disasterous. The pictures I have seen of Obama's house look a lot higher than that.

But you know, we were not talking about what President Obama believes or doesn't believe. We were talking about you just ignoring facts because they contradict your political beliefs.

People have credibility when their actions match their words. Pres. Obama is a big proponent of global warming and rising sea levels. If his actions were to match his words he would not have bought a mansion on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. His actions do not match his words. That they don't he is either a liar, but then he is a politician so I'm repeating myself, or a hypocrite. Or how about the guru of global warming, VP Al Gore? His carbon footprint is probably bigger than everyone here on the Reader Rant. If you don't practice what you preach why should anyone believe you? (That's a rhetorical question, BTW.)

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