geeez .... come on folks .... conservative denial is only tenuously and disingenuously based on scientific criticism but 100% based on idiot-ological beliefs. It would not matter if God or whatever master a conservative believed in told them personally the science is good and there are consequences of climate change ... conservatives would reject it as it is contrary to fundamental conservative beliefs and tenets.

Now if anyone can recall Russian Stalinist history, especially during the 1930's and 40's, one would notice the similarities i.e. science had to conform to communist ideology, otherwise it was rejected. Modern American conservatives are in the same time warp.

My guess is none of the political conservativce critics understand the science but they intimately understand the financial impact to businesses, especially fossil fuel based industries. When they are questioned, eventually they will admit it is about the financial impact on those businesses. Just listen to Mr trump at G7. Windmills ... bah ... oil ... yah.

Even if these people live in compromised coastal areas, and should they live long enough, and should the predictions prove accurate in that time frame, and they find themselves waist deep in water, begging for government action, they would still reject the human impact on climate change and simply say, the weather did it.

I see no point in discussing it with conservative deniers, especially if they have not read any of the scientific literature (on both sides) and rely solely on idiot-ological talking points.

I am hoping God will take a peek and sigh ... failed experiment ... let's start again

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty