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We like the Basil Pesto, the Chamba Chai, and the Lamb and Rice dry dog food. Praline Pecans are a really big hit, too, at the moment.

The Kirkland Signature Pesto is really good. I usually get some when its on coupon. I use to get the Kirkland Signature Mature Adult Dog Food dry kibble for Sam when he was alive and mix it with rotisserie chicken.

While various national manufacturers make the Kirkland Branded items, ie Kimberly-Clark makes the KS Diapers, and Niagra makes the KS bottled water, the specs / recipe is always to what Costco Corporates wants and are different from the national brand. And, Costco is not afraid to change national manufacturers if the margins are not there.

It's the KS line's selling and marketing point that the KS product will be better quality and a better value than the national brand.


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