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You can just live in the woods a lot of places but gen'ly speaking Canada aint one of 'em.

It can be done, but it's hard work to live there and the weather tends to kill you younger than the weather in Costa Rica might.

Lots of folks starved trying to farm north eastern Ontario in the last century. What's interesting is that the Clay Belt, north of the shield, is now adequately productive due to the climate crisis. Quebec has been pushing hard to get farmers up there, Ontario not so much. You can see it on the overhead images between Cochrane Ontario and Rouyn-Noranda in Quebec.

I suggested to our Member of Parliament that the central American farmers displaced by global heating, the ones heading up in that caravan your President got so exercised about, should be invited to settle Ontario's clay belt in the name of ensuring global agricultural production. They'd need a little support, to be sure, but it seemed like a good long-term investment.

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