Lotta places don't allow Wiki as a source.

I think the Senator is trolling us. But it's cool, it's fun having him around. You almost forget that there are people out there who believe that nonsense.

Global warming is pretty much settled science. It's observable, measurable, and predictable. The cause has been pinpointed and preliminary efforts have begun to mitigate it. Denying it is pretty silly at this point.

But it may not be as bad as predicted...who knows.

Looks like Tropical Storm Dorian is making a beeline for my back door right now. I'm not evacuating yet(or ever). A quick glance at the cracked crystal ball says it's gonna veer right and drench Greenland with warm tropical winds and rain. Unless I''ve got it turned the wrong way and it's gonna go west of me. It's an ancient artifact, it doesn't have auto flip.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...