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Lotta places don't allow Wiki as a source.

I think the Senator is trolling us. But it's cool, it's fun having him around. You almost forget that there are people out there who believe that nonsense.

Global warming is pretty much settled science. It's observable, measurable, and predictable. The cause has been pinpointed and preliminary efforts have begun to mitigate it. Denying it is pretty silly at this point.

But it may not be as bad as predicted...who knows.
Why is global warming settled science? Because you believe it? Because of the hockey stick graph? Or is it because 97% of "climate scientists" say it is?

No denying it is not silly. It isn't because it hasn't been proven and the claims made by the climate scientists, as you said, might be exaggerated. When the cause of global cooling and global warming are blamed on the same, the use of fossil fuels, the credibility of the claims are very questionable.

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