Lets put that to a test. As a Classical Liberal, do you believe that free markets will always produce the best results, without the need for regulations to correct for collateral damage? For example, Im thinking of the Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana. Did the mining company that created, and profited from, this environmental disaster ever pay to fix the problems it caused, or did it externalize the cost?

Thousands of snow geese die in toxic lake

There has not, never has been, and never will be a completely free market. Since there never has been a completely free market the situation you attempting to use to condemn free markets does not work. Then the idea of "externalizing" the cost of the environmental disaster you mentioned is BS. Every single company's income to pay all of the costs of doing business; whether they are payroll, research, advertising, taxes, buying raw materiel, or production, come from its customers. Since no business has a penny unless it gets it from their customers of course any and all costs are not "externalized." How can INcome possibly be EXternalized? It can't!

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