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No denying it is not silly. It isn't because it hasn't been proven and the claims made by the climate scientists, as you said, might be exaggerated. When the cause of global cooling and global warming are blamed on the same, the use of fossil fuels, the credibility of the claims are very questionable.

Denying it without any scientific basis seems like it just might be silly...

For the record, what do you think is going on, and what evidence do you have for your belief?

Climate change does and has happened. The history of climate change over the millenniums of the earth's existence make the idea that the use of fossil fuel is now causing it is far fetched. When Leif Ericsson, a very distant relative of mine, was exploring Greenland was called that because it had large areas of arable land. It doesn't have that today. No one was using fossil fuel in those days.

Here are some claims made by climate scientists in the 1970's saying that the use of fossil fuels will cause global cooling if the use of them is not stopped.

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