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So lemme get this straight? Damage to the environment up to and including illness and deaths of workers and citizens are of absolutely no concern to you? That industrialists should be allowed to ravage the land and leave it a stinking toxic cesspool is perfectly fine as long as they are able to make a buck?

It'd be perfectly fine if I hopped on your table and sh*t on your dinner as long as I was making a profit?

And you wonder why capitalism has gotten such a bad rap lately.

Where in the HELL in my comment did I even come close to saying or even suggesting that I don't care about pollution and the medical problems it causes? No, you just assumed that I don't care. Since courtesy is important here I will not say all the nasty things that your completely inaccurate comment made think of. Someday Greger you might stop making ridiculous assumptions about capitalists. And someday the Vikings will win the Super Bowl two years in a row.

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