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That "train wreck" has improved the world's standard of living. Look at what the world was like before 1776, when Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations, to what is like now. Would anyone want to go back to living as people did then? No, the real "train wreck" is socialism. In socialist countries people lined up to buy bread. In capitalist countries there lines of bread to choose from.

I thought you said there never has been a true free-market Capitalism, yet you enthusiastically credit a non-existent thing with fantastic success using vague and extremely generalized examples. Can you explain, please?

Yes, I did say that true free market capitalism has never existed. The fact that it hasn't does not mean that capitalism has not improved the world's standard of living. What you did is read something into my comment that isn't there. I did not say capitalism's success was due to the existence of true free market capitalism. I just said that capitalism, despite the necessary restrictions on it, has improved the living conditions of the world. To understand my comments about capitalism it would help if you could look at capitalism without your bias against it.

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