Global temperatures rising is a fact.

Ice sheets melting is a fact.

Rising sea levels...fact.

Increased CO2 in the atmosphere, fact.

I'm willing to compromise and admit that it might not be as bad as predicted. I do, above all, like to look at all the facts available before I make up my mind.

But sheer denial based on the opinions of journalists in centuries gone by does little to assuage my fears that maybe this time the human race has gone a bit too far. people tried to farm in Northern Ontario too. They starved.

It seems your denial is based primarily on ideology. Any attempt to mitigate climate disaster would effectively limit trade. I think you'd see Madison jump ship in a heartbeat when it came to saving the nation and the planet. But perhaps he'd rather die than submit to any limitation of trade and see the world burn if his particular ideology was not the one to triumph.

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