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My last several posts were intended to make a point, my friend Hatrack. It is that you make broad generalizations both for and against ideas without responding substantively. Capitalism is a form of market enterprise, where the markets are defined into certain categories. It is a generalization of a method of organizing an economy and a shorthand to represent various elements of the system. Socialism is also a generalization of concepts of government providing for or controlling aspects of an economy. Neither form of economy exists in the real world, anywhere, in a pure form, or ever has.

When did I ever say that pure capitalism, or pure socialism, ever existed? I never did say that! But you are taken something I have never said to give a lecture as if you were some genius. You are not a genius. You are stuck in the ideological cocoon of liberalism. You obnoxious and condescending "lectures" are one of the main reasons I had thought to leave the CHBRR. Unlike you I give the people here credit for knowing the difference between capitalism and socialism and that neither one has ever existed as pure socialism or capitalism.

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