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You know, I try, I really do, not to be so damned cynical but I read about the s*** Cheney and Bush are doing and then I see that the Republican Party doesn't seem to mind all that much and even the Democratic Party doesn't seem all that bothered. Here is the problem with all that - Bush and Cheney are establishing a precedence that will continue if not stopped. If Bush and Cheney are not impeached for the s*** they have done and are doing then every administration in succession will, sooner or later, revert to the same crap. Count on it. I don't want ANY administration to be above the Constitution, but this one is and neither party is doing a damn thing about it. Wrong is wrong.

I wish just once, just once America would vote all these bastards out of office and re-establish for all to know who this country belongs to.

Here we are twelve years later and everything you said would happen, has happened, and much more.
I intentionally necroed this old thread to remind everyone of Slipped Mickey's warning, and how eerily prescient it was back in 2007, when another "unitary executive" decided they did not have enough power, and that the law did not apply to him.

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