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Sadly, it appears we will get no more retorts from SenHat. It is devilishly hard to keep conservative voices here anymore. What I have been hoping for is some serious conservative poster that can make points based upon a reasonable analysis of evidence. I used to play that role occasionally, but I have lost my passion for doing so, given the damage to American values "conservative" ideas have wrought throughout our history. Friend chunk needs a foil!

Don't expect me to say "Stop being such mean girls to the Cons" because in the end this is a marketplace of ideas, and sound ideas sell, and unsound ideas don't sell.

And by "sell" I don't mean they make people change their minds, I mean people respect sound ideas even if they don't agree.

I will continue to try to lure more Cons here but they're going to have to be able to take the heat just like anyone else does.

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