There are opinions and then there are facts. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions. but not to their own facts. Statements like "Trump has never lied" are just pure denial of facts, not opinion. The problem (at least for most conservatives) is that most of the people here at RR are very educated, and very smart, so they have no problem seeing through opinions stated as facts.

I like to use factual arguments, but I'm not at all close-minded. I have lots of conservative friends and we get along just fine. I also have clearly insane relatives and friends. Facts don't matter to them, but facts have a way of catching up with you and biting you in the ass.

I have supported a lot of conservative ideas throughout my life. For example, I have never sided with the USSR or Russia on much of anything. I have never "been in love" with the leadership of North Korea. I know our intelligence agencies have done some bad things, but I have never taken Putin's positions over their's. I have never believed that it's smart or okay to cheat on your taxes, peep at under-aged (or any) girls in a dressing room, hire prostitutes, cheat on your wife, or grab women by the pussy just because you hold some power over them.

Do none of these things matter to conservatives anymore? Or are "conservatives" not really conservative anymore?