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Another lecture. This one is to hide that you are wrong about the fact that our Constitution created a limited government. Since lectures seem to be your modus operandi to avoid admitting you are wrong I have little or no reason to believe anything you say.

Try responding to the points made in said "lecture" instead of objecting to the fact that someone is lecturing back at you.
After all, the whole coin of the realm in a political debate forum is lecturing. One delivers a lecture, which is an educational talk to an audience, to support one's points, one's arguments.

So now you, after lecturing voluminously on Madison, object to the coin of the realm in a debate forum, and now you "have little or no reason to believe anything you (NW Ponderer) says?

Since when did that become a valid debate tactic?
That's just saying "I don't like the way you talk so I'm taking my ball and going home."

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