I tend to use words carefully.

I don't. I toss them around like cordwood.

I don't imagine we will ever escape the tyranny of capitalism. Because, by nature, humans are capitalists. Traders and investors by our very nature. Out to make a profit, an easy buck, and if you get lucky once in a while...a killing! Evolution(or god) made us hoarders and made us greedy. Because survival.

I don't know why we struggle so hard to find any common ground.

Would a living wage make us more socialist? Workers have a product to sell and an overhead to meet too. Shareholders at home that need a slice of the pie. We're all capitalists here after all.

Subsidized healthcare? Medicare is a state program that works with federal assistance. A no-brainer for them that wants it de-centralized. The ACA keeps pretty much everything private, but it spreads out the costs a little better. We're slowly zeroing in on an equitable healthcare system. We aren't becoming "socialist" because of it.

Subsidized education. I'd like to see huge investments into education because the un-educated fall farther and farther behind every year.

I just don't rightly see any of that as being "socialist" in the least.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...