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Eventually someone may crack the nuclear nut. It could be two, ten, or 200 years away.

Greger, successful thorium plants are already online in France, UK, India and China.
The design was workable back in the Fifties when we made our "Sophie's Choice" by picking only ONE fuel cycle instead of both.
All we've done is pry Thorium out of mothballs and polished it up a bit for the new century. But thorium fuel cycle is originally a Cold War era design.

The only reason we did not pursue it was because Congress wasn't willing to fund BOTH designs. The military won out, and thorium was shelved. The reason is because it was not proliferable, and our military wanted weapons potential.

Yes there are reactors that can be made to burn thorium. No they are not molten salt reactors. Nearest guestimate on one of those operating is maybe 15 years out. Maybe. These fast breeders are just old school nasty nuclear that creates more waste than it can burn.

You don't understand...it seems.
I was talking about several different approaches.
There ARE operating thorium reactors online...now, right now.
They're small because they are proof of concept, but they are operating and producing power, right now.

As for adapting current designs to burn nuke waste, if it's fifteen years out, so what? So we keep the waste safe for fifteen more years. Can we do that? Yeah, I think we can. Then we can burn it all up.

But thorium reactors are workable now, doable now, and all that remains is scaling them up. It's not an experimental design, it's a working design.

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