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I'm a conservative because I question authority.

The only "authority" you question is that of the government to make you pay taxes. Otherwise you're pretty much okay with shooting black people in the back. Forcing women to bear the children of their rapists. And supporting the rights of school shooters everywhere to murder children at will. The Constitution practically demands all this. Authoritarian Republican policies certainly demand it.

Republicans cut your taxes.

They are taking food from poor children to pay for it.

You do not know me but because I am a Republican you automatically jump to the BS conclusion of what I support. Where did you get the F__KING deluded idea that I supported the the s*** you listed? Do you do have any contact with reality? If you do it is extremely tenuous! if you think just because I am a Republican I support those things you don't know what you are talking about! In some of my previous comments I said that the liberals here live in an ideological cocoon. That Greger makes these unfounded accusations about me and Republicans is proof positive of the ideological cocoon that liberals live in.
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There is no plausible deniability here.

The only plausible thing in your comment is that Republicans have cut taxes. The rest of your comment is the rambling of someone who who does not know what the HELL he is talking about!

The state can never straighten the crooked timber of humanity.
I'm a conservative because I question authority.
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