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Greger makes these unfounded accusations about me and Republicans is proof positive of the ideological cocoon that liberals live in.

I list a bunch of authoritarian Republican programs.
You support all of them.
I'm only accusing you of supporting what you claim to support.

You know, kids in cages and snatching food from poor children for your tax cuts. Getting special little thrills when diabetics die because they can't afford insulin. These are Republican policies at work and you Senator, support the policies.

I hope this little back and forth hasn't got you upset, Senator, I woke up kind of grouchy this morning and never got over it.
This comment of yours is more proof that your grasp of reality is tenuous. Not only is tenuous but it is slipping fast! You don't read what I wrote you just respond with more BS about what Republicans support. You don't read them because I stated the fact that what you call "cages" were built during the Obama administration. The pictures of kids in "cages" that has ideological blind liberals, like you, so bent out of shape were taken in 2014. Who was our President in 2014? Here is a clue, which you will overlook, it was NOT Trump!

The state can never straighten the crooked timber of humanity.
I'm a conservative because I question authority.
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