To reiterate, there is little about this complex community systems approach that would fit the standard Corporate Capitalist business model. It doesn't work very well if you just want to manufacture biochar or to make energy for commodities markets.

To be blunt, if you can't monetize it it won't fly.

But you've already proven that it can save enormous amounts of cash.

So it's more a matter of investing millions upon millions of dollars into a corporation that builds and operates the heating equipment while leasing their services to other entities both state and private as a cheaper method of heating buildings. Seems like you could tack on a steam powered generator to provide electricity too...Who needs weird, dangerous and expensive nuclear energy when we can just burn everything in sight!

I'd suggest you start using post consumer bio-mass as well...Can you turn pig or chicken sh*t into biochar? Lease the equipment to farmers.
Garbage? Waste management companies will beat your doors down...

Everybody needs heat and energy. Biochar is a handy byproduct that will help save the planet. And with the proper lobbying and a USDA requirement of x-tons per acre of certified biochar on all agricultural land per year...
Landfill operators can reduce the volume they need to bury to a fraction while providing electricity to the grid! And sequestering tons of carbon!

Can you make your machine thing gobble waste plastic? Or better yet turn it into a marketable product? That should be a fairly short term effort as most future plastic waste will be made from hemp and be biodegradable.

That's how the green new deal is gonna operate at the corporate level.

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