I'm certain the view from your high horse is excellent, my friend, but give it a rest,
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You quoted a small section of the law,
Yes, I quoted the law. Try it some time. Give us a citation. Do some f***ng research for a change.
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without posting a link to the entire law,
I have cited the law so many times, and yet you persistently fail to read it. You know, my friend, you could actually look it up yourself... I gave you the cite. My favorite site is LII Cornell.
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in an attempt to prove your claim.
Imagine that! Providing evidence to prove my claim . How irredeemably "pompous" of me!

I have a suggestion, my friend. It's actually in our rules: when making a claim, provide support. It is so much more enlightening than saying "you're wrong", repeatedly, and without support or references. Oh, and leave your horse in the barn. It makes for unflattering comparisons.