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I stated the fact that what you call "cages" were built during the Obama administration. The pictures of kids in "cages" that has ideological blind liberals, like you, so bent out of shape were taken in 2014. Who was our President in 2014? Here is a clue, which you will overlook, it was NOT Trump!

When members of Congress reached a bipartisan deal to end the government shutdown in February, they gave Immigration and Customs Enforcement a simple instruction: Stop detaining so many people. Instead, ICE pushed its detention population to an all-time high of 54,000 people, up from about 34,000 on an average day in 2016 and well above the 40,520 target Congress set for ICE.

Now, just after Congress rejected another request for more detention money, ICE is continuing to spend money it hasn’t been given. Mother Jones has learned that ICE has started using three new for-profit immigration detention centers in the Deep South in recent weeks.
Three new FOR PROFIT dentention centers!

Yeah, well...Who's grip on reality seems to be slipping here?
Beyond that it makes no difference to me which Party supports detention of non-criminal immigrants and refugees. It's cruel, wrong and counterproductive. It's a matter of paperwork. Or it's a matter of racist xenophobia. It's not a matter of everyone and anyone who breaks the law belongs in a cage. Authoritarians just really like people in cages!

Where are these people, of which there is a large number, to be kept, in a hotel? With a large number of people coming to our border doing the paperwork takes time. These people are being detained while the paper work is being done, hence the detention centers.
It would actually be cheaper to put them up in an overpriced Trump hotel. Trump’s Child Detention Camps Cost $775 Per Person Every Day. (GQ) Instead, ICE wanted to put them up in competitors' hotels, but the hotels refused. WHICH U.S. HOTELS ARE REFUSING TO HOLD D...…NOT JAIL THEM' (Newsweek).

There is a much cheaper and more effective option that has been used for years. "Community release and monitoring," or "intensive monitoring", what ICE refers to as "Alternatives to Detention" and right-wing sources pejoratively call "catch and release". "Numerous studies of dozens of alternatives-to-detention programs around the world have found community-based programming to maintain average compliance rates of 90 percent or higher, while costing up to 80 percent less than detention." A Better Way: Community-Based Programming As An Alternative To Immigrant Incarceration (National Immigration Justice Center). ICE has used it successfully for decades. ICE seeks to expand monitoring program for immigrants as alternative to detention. But this administration prefers "punishing" immigrants, in violation of federal law and Supreme Court rulings; Zadvydas v. Davis; Clark v.Martinez (Scalia wrote that 7-2 decision).