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I didn't attend an event, but I actually did something. I fed 30.46 KWH of electricity into the grid today. So far my solar panels have supplied SDG&E with over 2.6 MegaWatt hours of electricity they didn't have to generate. Most of their generation uses natural gas. so it's equivalent to about 2600 pounds of CO2 not emitted.

Last night I cooked a chicken stuffed with sauerkraut on the charbecue. The process pyrolyzed 5 pounds of woody biomass and made 1.5# of sequesterable carbon. Doing the math that was a drawdown of 5.4 # of atmospheric CO2 and avoidance of about 5# of fossil fuel derived CO2 from not using propane. It also represented .00025 acre of forest fire fuels reduction. It also made $1.50 worth of a high value soil amendment that will save water and increase productivity in the garden.

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