Bernie Sanders, 78, had a heart attack, but is back on the trail. Jimmy Carter, 95, had a fall - but went back to building the next day. No less than 5 of the presidential candidates are over 70. Clearly, 70 is not "too old" for some things in life.

I just had a birthday. My wife is looking at CCRCs (continuous care retirement communities). Frankly, neither of us qualifies by age, but she does have a disability. The average age of entry is 78 for a CCRC. I've got two decades before then, and nearly a decade before I qualify for Social Security. I'm barely old enough for AARP or an "adult community" (55 plus). Still, my son thinks I'm "old". He thinks I shouldn't climb a ladder on my own, or do a lot of activities (I don't want to do anyway) around the house.

I retired early. I love that. But, notwithstanding aches and pains, I don't think of myself as "old". How about others? When does one qualify as "old" in this day and age?