I'm enjoying this thread. Didn't know where it might go. My wife and I have very different views about aging. I have more in common with my sons and their friends, technically and socially, than with many of my contemporaries and acquaintances (who, by and large, are a decade or more ahead of me).

My love "thinks" old (hence the CCRC thing). Some of it is her disability, but her attitude about that has changed dramatically in 5 years. She needs more independence, and so do I. I have more things to do in a day than just honey-dos. It is actually becoming a conflict, and that worries me. I'm more sedentary than I prefer and it is having a real effect. I'm getting rounder, and easily winded. That's just not me, and I don't like it.

Yesterday, I went to the senior activity center with her to join the SAIL (Stay Active In Life) exercise class. Great stuff, btw, but I'm 15 years younger than the other participants (except my wife). I volunteer in the computer lab, and really appreciate the senior center and its activities. It's connecting me to my community. But...

Nobody there rides a motorcycle, or bikes. Most activities are "indoors" (i.e., seated - including the SAIL class). I need to have an activity companion, not a bridge partner. I haven't held a racket in 5 years. I need to get out and do or I'll atrophy. I'm going stir crazy! Any suggestions or experiences to draw on? Really, please help! How do I balance what I want to do with what I can do?