You aren't going to like this but it's something that has worked for me since they started taking things away that I liked to do.

Most recently it's walking. I'm getting measured for a wheelchair today.

So my friends express worry and sadness that I'll soon be wheelchair bound. No problem, I tell them(and myself) I'm a lazy man and I don't like walking anyway.

Put the best face on it that you can, smile and carry on. Life is still grand! I enjoy every minute of every day. Even though I can't do much of anything anymore.

And get your chubby lil ass down to the gym while you still can. Ride your scooter there. Go for a run with the dog, be aware that the days you can still do those things are numbered. Do what you can while you can and you'll be doing them longer than you can imagine.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...