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I've fallen four times this month, I think two the month before. For years I've been walking a half mile twice a day trying my damndest to put this off. But this falling thing is getting to be dangerous. The least little thing happens and I'm on my face. I can't go anywhere or do anything because I'm afraid of falling. I'll keep walking as much as I can but either I'm going to need a chair or I'm going to be a shut in who never leaves his house. I wanna go downtown to the farmers market. I wanna see the local theater group perform, I wanna go out to the local festivals and food truck nights or go to a movie. All those things are impossible if I have to walk. And one of these times I'm really gonna hurt myself when I fall. Did you see Jimmy Carter's face? I don't wanna go there. Don't want a broken hip or broken wrists or a shattered knee either. I've already put this off longer than I should have.

What's your plan Greger? Hmm

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