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Usually a half mile but the back pain is holding me back a bit right now. It's not really walking because the dog helps pull me along. Without his gentle and constant tug on the leash I couldn't do it at all. I can't really propel myself forward. Muscles have long since atrophied.

Sounds like your buttocks muscles are atrophied.
By the way, that happens to a lot of old men, myself included.
But I've been doing twice daily exercises to retrain my butt muscles and I've seen positive results.

I have NEVER had a pain or discomfort of any kind in my lower back, or my arms, shoulders or upper back.
Yes, I know you hate me now, LOL.

But I've had Joe Namath's knees, hips and ankles for about a decade and in the last four years it had gotten so bad I was having difficulty hoisting myself up into Karen's handicap van and I was sweating profusely just walking from the VA S.C.I. to the VA pharmacy at the other end of the complex, even walking through air conditioned hallways.

Then I figured out that my WALKING ITSELF had atrophied. I wasn't walking the way I used to as a young man, and looking at my backside in the mirror confirmed it because my formerly firm young buns were beginning to sag!

And forcing daily exercises worked so well even Karen finally said "Nice buns" the other night.

"Really?? Are they looking good?"

"Yup, definitely gettin' there." smile

And I could FEEL the difference.
It was, if you will pardon the expression, a pain in the ass remembering to TELL MY ASS to DO ITS JOB when walking.
I had to force myself to TELL my buttock muscles to squeeze with each step.
And it worked. The pain in my knees and ankles has subsided and believe it or not even my stiff neck feels better. My hips aren't talking to me nearly as much as they used to!

And I can walk much further now, no sweating.
I just had to retrain my ASS to do its job.

I didn't realize that old men lose their ASS along with so much else!
Now that I've been put in mind of it I AM INDEED noticing that a lot of old men who have trouble walking have atrophied buns.
Some of those old guys barely have any buns at all just a flat blob with no definition.
And they are the ones who have to shuffle and push themselves along.
Their butts have just GIVEN UP somehow.

Can you still squeeze your individual butt muscles without any pain, Greger? I do that, too! I sit in this chair and squeeze my butt muscles while I am on the Rant. First one, then the other, then both at the same time, over and over again.

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