It's muscular dystrophy. Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy(OPMD). I had both eyelids removed some years back because I couldn't open my eyes, then for months I couldn't close my eyes. I've got a dead spot in my esophagus too, so I have to eat very carefully or I'll choke. It's a little genetic gift from some French Canadian ancestors. It's quite rare and I just happen to have a very severe case of it. Nothing at all to be done about it, no way to have prevented it, so I accept my fate and make the best of it. You can laugh or you can cry, I choose to laugh. All those things I can't do anymore? Didn't want to do them anyway.

I don't usually have any pain either, neck is fused and doesn't hurt anymore. Lower back was fused until I fell and broke it apart, in a little while it'll grow back together and the pain will go away. For now it's just raw bloody bone against raw bloody bone grinding, grinding, grinding, with every move I make. builds character and makes you a better person. Embrace it, accept it, learn to live with it. I have a bottle full of opioids. I won't take them.

That's degenerative disk disease, unrelated to the OPMD, more related to extreme sports and wrecking a bunch of cars. Some folks consider their bodies a temple, I treated mine like a demolition derby.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...