That sucks. But the way I see it, nobody gets out of here alive. I'm trying to figure out why I have afferent peripheral neuropathy. My MS doc says it's not a symptom of MS. There are a few recent papers that connect it to wheat sensitivity, of all things. Strange, but true. But there are probably 100 different causes for peripheral neuropathy. I am very fortunate that I have one of the painless types, and my motor nerves work fine. Some poor saps have it where they feel a constant stabbing pain. I'm just numb and I have no leg hair from mid-shins down. That is actually a symptom of having damaged or absent skin nerves. They stuck a bunch of needles in my legs and watched electrical signals travel up my leg nerves: Myelin is damaged. That's like having bare copper without insulation inside your romex.

BTW: I always take a shopping cart in the supermarket, even if I am getting one thing. Very nice walkers!