I guess I will remind about the founding of ISIS. When we decided to invade Iraq we dropped millions of notices on Iraq. I used to have one but lost it (wife probably put it into a safe place). Anyway, these notes were to the Iraqi army. It said that if they stayed out of the way, when we attacked they would be made whole, be paid, and otherwise accepted. The Iraqi army then stayed out of it and we didn't have to fight them. What we did, instead, was to go back on our promise and fired the whole lot of them as soon as we took over. I remember when the entire Iraqi army officer corps rioted over this. We just put down the riots and ignored them. That same office corps later became ISIS.

Just one more promise we ignored and didn't keep (we have a long and disgraceful history of this kind of behavior). Why in the world would anybody believe us? If they doubted before after Trump I figure there won't even be a question as to our word.