SHEESH! I might be barking up the wrong tree. Not only can't I find contact info for Kristalina, I can't even find an email for any department or anyone on the IMF website that looks remotely related to facilitating on-the-ground climate crisis efforts.

I did learn that the average salary at the IMF is $250K, should be lots of investable dough floating around there. But all of the notable staff (possibly 100 of them) are academic style researchers. There is no way to tell if any of them are in the field of local community microeconomics (that wasn't a listed area of IMF research). I could really use some help modeling our approach...

Guess I'll toss in the towel on getting anyone at IMF off the sidelines and into my little climate mitigation game.

I wonder what, exactly, was Kristalina talking about in the article saying, "no one can stand on the sidelines", when sidelines seems to be all they know?

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