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You neglected to mention that, before we invaded we dropped flyers telling the police and army to stay out of it and they would be just fine and still have jobs. THEN we fired them all!

Paul Bremer, acting on orders from BushCo.
Yeah, maybe the absolute dumbest move imaginable.
It helped create the very enemy we wound up fighting, much to the sheer joy and cheer of all the defense contractors, of course.

Winning an actual bonafide congressionally declared war is unprofitable, and it comes with rules and standards.
It's much more profitable to just not declare it as a real war and just use continuing AUF's and leave it open-ended.
No need for real objectives, and the money train never stops no matter how badly we conduct ourselves.

We have managed to make endless war a consumer product and it's a truly monstrous vocation.

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