I spent from 2015-2018 working directly on water management changes with respect to climate change, and worked on it part time for 5 years prior to that.

The consensus my coworkers and I arrived at is that the "everyone dies within X years" posturing hurts the effort more than helps it. Climate change isn't an event, it's a process, and it can be measured by a measurable decline in people's standards of living, from the bottom up...AND an increase in weather-created (or modified) disasters.

If you had told me in 2000 that a hurricane would trash an American city and we'd just leave it trashed, I'd have said you had a screw loose. If you had told me that a small city would burn down and nothing at all would be done afterward, I'd have called you crazy.

But here we are.

This s*** going on in Australia and the American Southwest is the new normal. It's how things are.

What can we do to help you stop screaming?