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CLEAN Future Act

The establishment Democrats answer to the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal was a proposal cooked up without the luxury of a massive and well funded think tank, you know, the ones that spend every single day assembling polished and gavel-ready legislation that the congress critters don't even bother reading before voting on it.
What good would that do? If they read it, they might have objections, and when one of those massive think tanks hands you that packet, they don't intend for any mere congressman or senator to think or have objections...that's what gets you primaried by those think tanks!
No sir, you take the packet and the money and you do as you're told, that's what you do.

The Green New Deal was hatched at AOC's kitchen table, and although it distinctly lacked any polish, it also had some authenticity, like someone really cared.

I can't wait to smell the mimeo ink on this CLEAN Future Act.
I wonder which think tanks helped out on it.

The think tank I'm associated with is most definitely not involved.

This will be handled by think tanks run by Exxon.

What can we do to help you stop screaming?