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There remains:

No evidence whatsoever that Trump was ever likely to be removed prior to the strike.

No evidence whatsoever that the strike has in any meaningful way impacted impeachment proceedings.

No evidence whatsoever in favor of this particular conspiracy theory.

One important consideration that your assessment leaves out is; what was Trump thinking?

:shrug: probably not too terribly much. Trump tends to make decisions on instinct.

There were plenty of signs that he was (and still is) extremely concerned about being impeached. Seems that the most obvious answer for his assassination of Soleimani was a combination of a pathological need to lash out coupled with a long-standing strategic mini-plan to have a few easy to implement, dramatic protect the nation against the bad guys cans of whupass on the shelf for emergencies.

[quote]My leading conspiracy theory is that The Impetuous One indulged in a can of whupass to try and make himself feel better.

Only a naive intellectual would expect Trumps actions to have any rational origins. dunce

You contradict yourself: Either Trump is an impetuous actor who makes decisions without deep rational exercise of thought... Or Trump is a thoughtful planner who makes reasoned assessments regarding the likely foreign and domestic impacts of his decisions and makes long-term decisions accordingly (such as the "mini strategy"'s you suggest). He is not both.

Frankly, the former is correct. If you want to argue that "Okay, the intel and military communities may have said X Y and Z, but Trump was super duper secretly thinking about impeachment!", well, that's a non-falsifiable statement. Which, indeed, as you suggest, would put it in the same category as other conspiracy theories.

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