George Bush...the compassionate conservative...almost as though he recognized that conservative are devoid of compassion or empathy.

I like the guy, I really do. His only mistake, as I see it, was asking Dick Cheney to find someone to run as VP in his campaign. He could have and should have been remembered as a great president but for that.

He wasn't an evil genius, he wasn't a drooling idiot. He was a man. On September 11, 2001 he was reading to schoolchildren and probably having the time of his life when we were attacked by Saudi Arabian dissidents and their Jihadi friends. What followed was unfortunate.

He did the best he could and I mighta done the same if I was in his shoes and advised by the same people. Like him, I'm not all that bright and easily led astray...We all bought into that bulls*t about WMDs and we saw the blurry maps with an arrow pointed at a dark spot and labeled WMDS, and we all heard kindly old Colin Powell beseech the world and we all panicked. Just as we were meant to panic, and Halliburton profits soared. Fecking fools.

I said a lot of bad things about him during his administration because a lot of bad decisions were made. Decisions which cost thousands of lives, some innocent, some not. Decisions which effected the world economy and cost many people their homes, businesses, and fortunes.

But I've forgiven W because he was just a man pushed into a job that was way above his skill set.

Donald Trump is a different story. Me and Michelle Obama are never going to be his friend. He's not an evil genius, he's merely evil.

That much is pretty much apparent to everyone. I don't need to go much beyond that. He's the third generation patriarch of a white criminal family, a real estate magnate, a slumlord. A millionaire playboy who loved the limelight so much that he became a reality teevee star whose pushy bullying arrogant demeanor made him much loved among the pushy bullying arrogant republicans who watched such drivel on their teevee sets. we are.

I'm feckin' over it y'know? I'm rooting for Trump to win because that's the quickest way I see to burn this MutherPhuck*r to the ground and start over.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...