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I'm feckin' over it y'know? I'm rooting for Trump to win because that's the quickest way I see to burn this MutherPhuck*r to the ground and start over.

I hope you don't interpret this as a slam but in my sixty-two years I've learned one thing: Those who really intend to burn it to the ground never utter a word about it. You just wake up to the smell of burning tires and tear gas and the sound of bullhorns and sirens one morning, and you realize "it's on like Donkey Kong."

The ones who utter those phrases the most are the least likely to take up a position at the barricades.

I'm too old and my wife and kids are too vulnerable to be able to afford "Life During Wartime". Had you asked in 1995, I probably would have jumped at the chance if it was "reelect Trump 1996".

Pretty much this. I've seen breakdown of society, civil war, and what it does to a people. Anyone wishing for that is ignorant, or satanic.