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Does that even have the vaguest chance of succeeding? Talking about the general. Given the EC and all.

That is the greatest trick of all. In the general getting through to the folks in the heartland.......us coasters by design matter not a smidgeon.

That hurts.... but it is the way it is.

Warren or Sanders might or might not win. Biden might or might not win.

'Bout a 50% chance all the way around. 'Bout a 50% chance that a thousand years of darkness are headed our way if we don't start taking global warming seriously. Extinction is looking imminent. The Doomsday CLock was just moved forward by scientists.
The President has just asked the world to pay no attention to the prophets of doom, speaking specifically about the children of the world begging for leaders to do something about what appears to be impending disaster.

Even the children can see it coming.

Nominating Warren or Sanders would be an indication that enough of society cares about where we're headed to begin electing leaders who might begin to mitigate some of the problems. An indication we might escape extinction.

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